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Subscribe to access the Quiz http://www.plantfile.com/plantfile-online Once you have logged in to PlantFile online and saved at least five plants in the selected file you can then quiz yourself on botanic name and other features. A report will be produced in PDF that can be printed or e-mailed to other parties. The PlantFile quiz is unique with no other database offering this in-depth teaching feature.
Continuous work carried out by the PlantFile team. www.plantfile.com We have continued working on PlantFile on a daily basis adding new plants and revising existing files. The gallery is also being enhanced with hundreds of images being added. There is a new feature that allows the user to send saved selected plants to other people (clients)as a PDF. This PDF can be customised with the users logo, Company name and address. A message can also be added to the e mail. The saved selected list can also be downloaded as a text file. The new QR code option available on